How to get Support

People with a disability who receive funding from Disability Services Commission (DSC) have  access to a range of options as to how their individualised funds are used and how the services are provided.  Upper Great Southern Family Support Association Inc. service users can choose any of the options currently provided by the organisation and may move from one option to another as needs change. 

To find out more information about attending any of the programs or obtaining 1:1 support to attend the program or access a community group, contact the Program Manager at UGSFSA who is available during office hours 9am - 3pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The Service Support Manager is available during office hours 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday

The Program Managers role is to develop and provide support services to individually funded people with disabilities and coordinate community inclusive opportunities for people with a disability.

The Program Manager is committed to delivering a person centred plan tailored to meeting the specific needs of each individual to reach their goals, dreams and aspirations.