Service Standards

All services funded by the Disability Services Commission of Western Australia are required to meet the Disability Service Standards.  These standards are to ensure that Upper Great Southern Family Support Association Inc's (UGSFSA) services are consistent with the Principles and Objectives of the Disability Services Act.

These standards state how UGSFSA provides services.

STANDARD ONE - Service Access
This standard describes who is eligible for services from UGSFSA.  The eligibility is determined by the Disability Services Commission and is based on the person having a long-term intellectual, neurological, cognitive, psychiatric, sensory and/or physical disability which requires ongoing support. (attach link to P&P)

STANDARD TWO - Individual Needs
This standard recognises that each service user of UGSFSA has unique skills, abilities, personal goals, lifestyle preferences and support needs. UGSFSA is committed to developing a person centred plan designed to meet the individuals needs and circumstances. (attach link to P&P)

STANDARD THREE - Decision Making and Choices
This standard ensures that people with a disability have the opportunity to be involved as much as possible in making decisions about their daily lives and the services that they need, want and receive. (attach link to P&P)

STANDARD FOUR - Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality
This standard is to make sure that each individual’s rights to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of their lives are recognised and respected. UGSFSA is committed to ensuring that all service users of the organisation have the same level of privacy, dignity and confidentiality as is expected by the rest of the community. (attach link to P&P) (attach Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality Brochure)

STANDARD FIVE - Participation and Integration
Each person with a disability is supported and encouraged to participate and be involved in the life of the community.  Refer to Services / Information on how UGSFSA can provide 1:1 support in accessing your local community.(attach link to P&P)

STANDARD SIX - Valued Status
Each person with a disability has the opportunity to develop and maintain skills and to participate in activities that enable him or her to achieve value roles in the community. (attach link to P&P)

STANDARD SEVEN - Complaints & Disputes
Each service user is free to raise and have resolved, any complaints or disputes he or she may have regarding the service provider or the service.  (attach link to P&P) (attach Making a Complaint Brochure)

STANDARD EIGHT - Service Management
Each service provider adopts sound management practices which maximiser outcome for consumers. (attach link to P&P)

STANDARD NINE - Protection of Human Rights and Freedom from Abuse
The service provider acts to prevent abuse and neglect, and to uphold the legal and human rights or consumers. UGSFSA employees have a duty of care to all service users of UGSFSA, an obligation to protect them from all forms of abuse and an obligation to report any observed or suspected abuse to management. (attach link to P&P)

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